LED Technology


Statistics show that now more than ever, Americans are going green by adopting environmentally friendly routines. The emergence of hybrid automobiles, xeriscaping, and solar panels all help society move toward preserving vital natural resources. LED lighting has been proven to be cheaper, more energy-efficient, and safer than other alternative forms of lighting. Also known as LED lighting, this form of lighting has many benefits for the environment, as well as your home or business. Whether you choose battery powered LED lights or another type of LED fixture, here are some of the benefits.

LED Lights Reduce Atmospheric Pollutants

Billions of incandescent light bulbs crowd the landfills, leaking nuclear waste into the soil and atmosphere. Toxic chemicals, such as sulphur oxide and carbon dioxide, are emitted from used incandescent light bulbs and pollute the ecosystem. By switching the bulbs in your home to LED lighting, you can save nearly one half ton of carbon dioxide waste from leaking out into the atmosphere. Not only are you helping to clean up the environment, but you can save a substantial amount of money on your energy bill as well.

LED Lights Save You Money

 Studies have shown that the cost of electricity, mainly from using incandescent bulbs, uses up nearly 25% of the average home’s energy budget. Although you may pay more at the store for LED light bulbs, they will save you money through the years. By replacing just one incandescent bulb with an energy-saving LED light bulb, you can save over $50 on your yearly electricity bill. Think of the possible savings you could have by replacing your entire home’s lighting with LED lights.


LED Lights Work More Efficiently

LED lights use only one-third the energy that is required to operate traditional light bulbs. Experts predict that if every home in the US and Canada switched to using LED lighting fixtures, nearly 90 power plants that are currently in operation could retire. Currently, a number of power plants are in the pre-planning and early construction stages. Being able to actually stop the construction process and close existing power plants is an amazing feat.

LED Lights are Multi-Purpose

Not only are there LED bulbs for your standard lighting fixtures, but they have expanded to include other areas of your home and business lighting needs as well. If you love to decorate your home with holiday lights, consider purchasing the LED versions of your favourite outdoor lights. You will definitely see a difference in your electricity bill during the costly holiday season.

LED lights are also being introduced in flash lights and lanterns which make great camping accessories. They are also a perfect addition to your home emergency kit. You can be assured that the light bulb in your LED lighting accessory will last much longer than a traditional bulb, especially when you need them during a power outage or on a long camping trip.

Many people want to help save the environment and do their part to preserve the planet for future generations, but they simply aren’t sure how they can make an impact. Switching your lights to LED lighting fixtures is the perfect place to start. Not only is it easy to accomplish, but you are preserving a vital natural resource for your children.

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