• Electricity Procurement

    Comprehensive pricing review & contract options. Know what the market is doing and how to react to it.

  • Energy Efficiency Audit

    Implement a comprehensive Billing audit to ensure billing accuracy and appropriate rate applications for locations across Canada.

  • International Services

    We have the ability to service your business globally.

  • Natural Gas Procurement

    Ensure that you not only know the best prices available from ALL suppliers, but what terms are available & when to lock in or float.

  • High Efficiency Lighting Technology

    A simple LED or Induction Lighting retrofit will result in Instant Savings, reductions in electricity costs of 40% - 86% and typical

  • Water Efficiency Audit

    Changing to a 3 litre flush toilet will conserve water & save you money.


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Save 15 - 30% On Your Next Industrial or Commercial Water Bill

Introducing the Smart Valve

  • SMART VALVEs patented Variable Flow Control process eliminates water meter inaccuracy and excessive  water consumption.

• The SMART VALVE was created to resolve the inefficiencies inherent in water delivery and consumption. The patented and NSF certified process takes established principals of fluid dynamics and applies them in a new and financially rewarding application.
• In the volume of water passing through your water meter, there is also a volume of air, and your water meter can’t tell the difference! To measure water consumption, the most common water meters use a method known as Positive Displacement. This method is not limited to water; it measures the total volume of both water and air.

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smart valve