Energy Efficiency Audit

Energy-Efficiency-AuditCommodity Shop energy management services are designed energy management services are designedan electrician showing an energy class chart to help organizations manage and solve the complexity of their natural gas and electricity expenditures.Clients benefit by lowering their overall market risk to fluctuating energy prices by effectively controlling commodity supply and regulated utility costs.Our comprehensive commodity price and utility audit services has a proven track record of controlling and reducing utility expenditures, driving savings through a winning combination of critical industry expertise, market guidance and program implementation management.

Energy AuditHow the Process Works:

A rigorous analysis of natural gas and electricity usage data is conducted for each utility service and to assess the specific factors impacting our client’s overall expenses. The most cost effective pricing structure on commodity and utility expenditures is assessed based on organizational energy objectives and risk tolerance. Commodity Shop provides detailed reporting on strategy recommendations and guides you through the implementation process. After procurement completion, Commodity Shop continues to reviews all future billing data on a monthly basis for compliance and to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible rates from their suppliers.

Our energy management strategies are supported by in-depth market intelligence to capitalize on changing market trends/conditions. Clients also have access to guidance on the energy regulatory environment and markets through our Market Outlook and Energy Line Bulletin publications.

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