Water Efficiency Audit

savewaterOur network has designed management systems, proprietary audit software analysis and proprietary retro-fit methodologies and technologies that allow the Company to effectively install and implement cost-effective water conservation programs.

Our team is foremost in the industry and has the systems and technical support services to facilitate and support performance contracting.

Water conservation projects can involve retrofit, replacement, or customized solutions,depending on the cost/benefit analysis deemed to be most appropriate to the water conservation goals of the client. The software, management systems and technologies give our network the competitive edge.

Our approach to every water conservation project, multi residential or ICI, is identical in every aspect. The approach to water conservation is “turn key” and multifaceted. The staged approach involves:

  • Pre-Audit
  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring

Services & Support

Resident-Mechanical-ContractorsOur Network takes a three-pronged approach to our service & support strategy:

1. Training program: We educate our customer’s service personnel on the fine-tuning and trouble shooting methodologies of each product and/or installation.
2. Technical support: Toll-free technical support by phone available across Canada.
3. Resident Mechanical Contractors: In major metropolitan areas, our association with local, trained technicians provides prompt and reliable service on an “as-required” basis.

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