Natural Gas Procurement

Natural-Gas-ProcuremenOur objective is to guide you through the increasingly complex de-regulated and regulated natural gas market place to ultimately control and reduce your costs. Given the integrated nature of Canadian and US natural gas markets, business and residential end-users are routinely impacted by developments in other parts of North America. In addition to economic activity, issues impacting natural gas include changing local weather conditions, global climate events (e.g. hurricane activity), production/transportation infrastructure issues, and demand/supply dynamics. End users must contend with continued exposure to market price volatility, directives and policies of energy producers, transmission companies and utilities, and the proliferation of natural gas marketers/suppliers and their various product offerings.

The Commodity Shop helps organizations manage market complexity and develop a strong understanding of the relationship between commodity and regulated charges which is crucial to controlling the various natural gas components: natural gas cost (commodity supply), pipeline transportation cost and delivery cost. A natural gas management plan incorporates organizational cost objectives, factors in organizational risk tolerance and a market/regulatory assessment prior to the engagement of procurement options and rate classification alternatives.

Natural Gas Commodity Procurement Strategies

Natural-Gas-Commodity-Procurement-StrategiesOur procurement strategy deployment plan ensures compliance with an organization’s overall natural gas plan to provide clarity regarding paying spot market pricing (through the utility) or purchasing natural gas from a supplier. Market-linked guidance provides organizations with insight into optimum procurement timing. We customize the purchase to each organization’s requirements through the employment of a combination of fixed-term, indexing and aggregation strategies. Intensive natural gas users can derive significant benefits through aggregated buying of natural gas. Pooling volumes across many organizations allows individual organizations the leveraged buying power of much larger commodity buyers.We deal with reputable, large volume suppliers to ensure that the best pricing is being offered, and by dealing directly with these suppliers and circumventing common retailers, you are assured of unmatched flexibility and pricing.

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