The Smart Valve

Smart Design, Smart Money "Smart Valve"

• The SMART VALVE was created to resolve the inefficiencies inherent in water delivery and consumption. The patented and NSF certified process takes established principals of fluid dynamics and applies them in a new and financially rewarding application.

Is there air in my water? Am I paying for it?

• In the volume of water passing through your water meter, there is also a volume of air, and your water meter can’t tell the difference! To measure water  consumption, the most common water meters use a method known as Positive Displacement. This method is not limited to water; it measures the total volume of both water and air.

How does the SMART VALVE work?

• The SMART VALVE compresses air, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter so the meter no longer measures it! You pay less for the same water usage!
• The 2nd Generation SMART VALVE is externally adjustable for maximum performance every time! It fine tunes the setting perfectly to your facility and has the ability to adjust to future system changes without ever having to turn off your water again. No other product has this patent pending feature.

Does air still go through the Water Meter?

• The SMART VALVE does NOT remove the air. It simply compresses the air before it reaches your meter. Once compressed, the air flows through the meter undetected. After the air passes through the water meter and the valve, it returns to its original state.

How reliable if the SMART VALVE?

• The SMART VALVE’s only movement function is the compression of a spring and the associated opening and closing of a gasket-less plunger and housing. The valve is made of Acetron GP and stainless steel. Acetron GP is self-lubricating and has strength characteristics close to those of steel while still being flexible and impact absorbent.

• The SMART VALVE comes with a 10-Year Manufacturers Warranty, however the valve should continue to work reliable for
much longer.

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