International Services


Please contact us directly for your international business requirements. Since the year 2000 we have worked with firms Domiciled in Canada,U.S.A., Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda & manymore.

Energy Efficiency Audit

Energy-Efficiency-AuditCommodity Shop energy management services are designed energy management services are designedan electrician showing an energy class chart to help organizations manage and solve the complexity of their natural gas and electricity expenditures.Clients benefit by lowering their overall market risk to fluctuating energy prices by effectively controlling commodity supply and regulated utility costs.Our comprehensive commodity price and utility audit services has a proven track record of controlling and reducing utility expenditures, driving savings through a winning combination of critical industry expertise, market guidance and program implementation management.

Energy AuditHow the Process Works:

A rigorous analysis of natural gas and electricity usage data is conducted for each utility service and to assess the specific factors impacting our client’s overall expenses. The most cost effective pricing structure on commodity and utility expenditures is assessed based on organizational energy objectives and risk tolerance. Commodity Shop provides detailed reporting on strategy recommendations and guides you through the implementation process. After procurement completion, Commodity Shop continues to reviews all future billing data on a monthly basis for compliance and to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible rates from their suppliers.

Our energy management strategies are supported by in-depth market intelligence to capitalize on changing market trends/conditions. Clients also have access to guidance on the energy regulatory environment and markets through our Market Outlook and Energy Line Bulletin publications.

Electricity Procurement

Electricity-Procurement-1Commodity Shop’s electricity services reduces and controls an organization’s exposure to open markets(deregulated jurisdictions), volatile pricing, and the complex landscape of suppliers, transmission companies, utilities and regulatory agencies. Our commodity procurement and regulated cost services are designed to mitigate market risks, leverage market opportunities, optimize purchase arrangements and recover costs. Effectively controlling electricity costs requires strong understanding and experience in real-time spot market conditions, procurement modelling options and electricity regulations and legislation.

Our electricity cost control strategies are supported by in-depth market intelligence to take advantage of jurisdictional/environmental changes. Our services continuously monitor implementation to ensure optimal electricity purchase/cost recovery compliance and proactively adjust to an organization’s changing consumption patterns and capitalize on market opportunities and trends. Electricity Commodity Procurement Strategies The Commodity Shop functions as an advisor to your organization for effectively controlling and managing electricity supply costs. This results in better-controlled budgeting and cash-flow management and ultimately protects from unexpected market pricing spikes. Net system load shape or load following electric profile customers can remove price risk uncertainty through the application of fixed term arrangements. We circumvent general marketers and engage reputable suppliers that offer very competitive pricing, and agreements that ensure your organization retains all rebate entitlements. For interval-metered facilities, CS employs sophisticated buying strategies that are customized based on your usage profile. CS optimizes the agreement through a combination of pricing models, hedging and load coverage (base block/peak block/off peak) to minimize market exposure and maximize purchase efficiency.Commodity Shop also offers green power alternatives for organizations incorporating environmentalobjectives into their overall purchase requirements.

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